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How Does Aluminum Impact Our Health?

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Almost every person is poisoned by deposits of heavy metals in some form or another in our lifetime. They come from our environment, the foods that we ingest, cosmetics, body care products, household products, and vaccines. Aluminum also may come from cooking, preparing and storing foods in aluminum containers. ​  I gave up all aluminum cookware including foil when I realized its dangers. It is considered a heavy metal to our body and is accumulative; therefore it can be difficult to eliminate it from the body, as it will remain until a cleansing diet or fast is followed. While a detox is in effect one can sometimes taste the metal that is being excreted, along with other uncomfortable symptoms.  Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and any exposure to aluminum has been implicated in neurological disease, including Alzheimer’s disease and Autism. Aluminum tends to build up in the brain  and the fat cells of the body until it reaches its “toxic threshold”. When aluminum is combined with any other heavy metal such as mercury it can threaten a dangerous overload for the body which can be extremely toxic, especially to the neurons in the brain, to the point of their death.
Toxicity symptoms may include: confusion, muscle weakness, bone pain, deformities and fractures, seizures, speech problems. and in children slow growth. I did a Google search on ways of removing only aluminum from the body. One way, research studies have demonstrated, Silicon-rich mineral waters up to one-liter per day for twelve weeks effectively reduced aluminum via the urine without any harmful effects on the essential metals such as iron and copper. Fuji water is rich in Silica-rich water and contains 83mg of Silica per 
liter. I personally cannot contest this, but if it works? This is for just aluminum, do labs to check with any other heavy metal exposure. Those require other measures. 

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Addictions That Are Attached To Us

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We all know of the alcoholic and drug addict and their dangerous habit. You say they have a problem and you are right, they do, they cannot quit their insidious habit…even though it is killing them. The human body cannot tolerate the chemicals that we put into it, it will become addicted to these poisons. Just as the alcoholic, drug addict feed their drugs in,  the drug then begins to take over all of the body’s chemistry. They can’t just stop just by sheer desire; the brain, the hormones, the cells have all been compromised to the point that the withdrawals are overwhelming. There is no stopping now, the drugs have control over the body. It’s like a sci-fi movie where the monster comes in and can’t be stopped, its tentacles are wrapped around everything  It is terrifying. The reality of the situation is that what the chemicals that are in our diet and environment is doing the same thing to us…to our bodies, we just don’t know that the enemy is in control.

Education is the clear factor, but when it is brought to the forefront, most often it is balked at because of the food cravings/addictions involved and of the profits of the food manufacturing companies. (you read that right…cravings and addictions are in the same category). We tend to feed our palates with these chemical based foods and not our bodies which will remain malnourished and sick. This also feeds and continues the addictive cycle. They are comforting to our body but the enemy still lurks inside of us…the chemicals.

These processed foods with their chemical content are creating the diseases that are overpowering us, to the point that the health care system is becoming overrun and cannot handle the overload.  We need to be aware and recognize what is going on with the dangers of these chemicals, ie. additives, refined sugars, flours, salt to our body. I heard a story that several women were asked if they would rather have raw, passionate sex or eat chocolate. They answered,”what kind of chocolate and how much?”

The chemicals tend to overload our bodies to the point of saturation and then it reaches the breaking point. Our bodies will start screaming out in pain thus starting into the disease process. The body needs a release of these chemicals, but our addictions to them keep us from that freedom. So we get caught up into the same squirrel cage as the alcoholic and drug addict, we NEED these foods, we won’t give them up, we can’t live without them, nor do we want to try. We have so many excuses why we can’t or won’t change our eating and living habits. So we cannot judge the alcoholic because we are the same…addicted to our sugars, flours, oils, salts, refined and processed chemical based foods. The list goes on, take a second look before you dip your hand into the bowl of ‘whatever’ or the drink that you pour down your will come back and bite your body with disease. We are powerless! We need to clean up our body of these chemical poisons. Let us work on our new mindset so we can free ourselves from the tentacles of these addictive poisons. Read more:  From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned To Death and check out

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Restore Brain Health And Nerve Function

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These Are Just Some Suggestions: to use to help restore cognitive impairment; read under Resources for others.

Stress Less:
Breathe Slow
Meditate Daily
Enjoy Nature
Exercise Daily
Prayer and Faith
Practice Gratitude

Exercise in Bursts:
Daily exercise makes your brain bigger (Dementia shrinks it as well as processed foods). You want a bigger brain, which inspires growth of new brain cells and connections. Exercise keeps your brain happy and promotes better sleep. It keeps away depression. (Daily exercise supervised to start off)
*Do breathing exercises, daily see breathing exercises.
*Walking/sprinting in place…start slow work up JUST KEEP MOVING. Allow the blood to flow to your brain.
*Walk in place (hold chair for balance if needed), speed it up slow it down.The fast/slow rhythm will enhance your lungs, heart and brain.
*Later goal is for the balancing exercises. Hold solid chair back lightly, stand on one foot, then the other, alternating, do for 1-2 minutes. each week can increase the time as the body conforms.
*Not only exercising your body but your brain as well…learning NEW things stimulates the brain cells into growing new ones. These exercises are for beginners and keep moving.

Reduce Inflammation:
The brain and neurological tissues are extremely sensitive regions of the body and are highly susceptible to infection and inflammation. One of the ways our body protects itself from threats of infection is through the immune process called inflammation, but if there is too much inflammation going on it can damage the neurological tissue and cause problems.
Food is a big contributor to inflammation. Inflammatory foods include, dairy, sugars, refined grains, grain-fed meat, bad fats, such as corn, unfermented soy, canola oil, hydrogenated oils, all oils that are used for frying. Fried foods are a culprit for inflammation in the body. The closer you stay to a whole-foods diet the less inflammation you will have..Organic foods only, avoiding GMO (genetically modified organisms). Organic Omega 3 fatty acids, Organic Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, and Organic Coconut Oil, help reduce inflammation.Wash all fruits and veggies in the sink with a tsp. of baking soda to decontaminate the chemical residues.

Clean filtered water:
Hydration is critical…it washes out toxins and waste products. Our cells are working hard all day long and water is the way these cells won’t get gummed up, and fail to eliminate their waste products. It keeps are body running smoothly and efficiently. The brain will also get soft and shrinks if it’s not sufficiently hydrated. If we don’t get enough fluid moving through the body everything starts to back up and the body is becoming literally poisoned. Hydration with healthy water is the best. Tap water and water in plastic bottles are not the best; the bottled water sits in the chemical ladened plastic for weeks or even months. The best water is fresh water that is distilled or second best, cleaned with activated charcoal preferably in your own home, and stored in glass.

Benefits of Fasting:
Last meal of the day 3 hours before bedtime because it helps the process of melatonin and sleep. Breakfast will be at least 12 hours from the last meal from the night before to help the body’s immune senescence to happen. It allows the body to purge itself of some of those old cells, so the immune system can create new ones. The circadian cycles of the body are at work during the hours of  ‘fasting’ to allow the body to metabolize and eliminate the processes of the foods last eaten. It helps keep the immune system healthy. Drinking more water during these periods especially when rising in the morning helps the cleansing process.

Supplements Suggestions:
*Nature’s Way MCT Oil…starting at 1 tsp/day with food mid day, work up to in combination with coconut oil to 3 Tbl./day
*Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (see above)
*Enzymedica Digest Enzymes take just before eating ANY/ALL cooked foods. Take at the beginning of the meal that will contain cooked foods.
*Vitamin B-12, B-6, Folic Acid. and Vitamin D-3/one capsule, each once a day with lunch.
*DHA/EPA Fish oil capsules or DHA Vegetarian Algae 2 per day with dinner.

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