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Apartame: The Sweetener That Decieves

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There are many artificial sweeteners on the market to keep people out of the sugar bowl. These are designed to feed the sweet tooth but not gain weight in the process. All of these have their dangers as they are digested and metabolized by the human body as chemicals; and these toxic chemicals have disastrous effects. In this article we will focus on Aspartame, and its dangers to the human body. Aspartame is the world’s most widely used artificial sweetener and is marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, Sugar Twin, and Amino Sweet. What is it? It is a synthetic chemical composed of the amino acid phenylalanine and aspartic acid, with a methyl ester. When consumed the methyl ester breaks down into methanol, (another name for wood alcohol) which may then be converted into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde then accumulates in the brain and damages the central nervous system as well as the immune system, thus creating neurological damage to the body. The world’s most popular artificial sweetener must be banned say experts, and according to one expert, the sales of aspartame should be banned because of all the damage it does to the human body. Artificial sweeteners do not help with weight loss, but instead leads to weight gain because this product increases the appetite, thus creating obesity related disorders. Aspartame has been linked to many serious health conditions and diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cancers, cardiovascular disease, brain tumors, seizures, strokes, blindness, headaches, migraines, and mood disorders. Also links to serious liver damage and glutathione depletion along with kidney function decline, diabetes and metabolic derangement. Aspartame should not be used by pregnant women as it can be harmful to the developing fetus. Aspartame is now in over 6,000 products on the market (please read labels), including Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, and other sugar-free sweetened drinks, Jell-O, candies, condiments, dressings, chewing gums including the ones that have sugar in them, children’s medicines, vitamins and cough syrups. We have to be alert and diligent about our own heath, after all we only have one body to get us through life; let’s take good care of it.
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MSG/Monosodium Glutamate

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The Ajinomoto Company is the main manufacture of MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. It is an additive and a flavor enhancer, which can be very addictive within the body. That’s where the cravings come from…the more you eat the more the body wants to have. The inability to stop eating even though the stomach has had enough, is because the flavors/additives have synthesized and tricked our brain into wanting more. Our food supply is being chemically produced and enhanced with these flavors, unfortunately it’s EVERYWHERE and the public is being targeted. The Big Food Companies are ‘hijacking’ our taste buds one by one.

Who is overseeing the safety of flavors in our food? A government or independent agency does not do this job, instead a flavor industry trade group…The Flavor and Extract Manufactures Association (FEMA) has assembled their own ‘independent’ panel of scientists who review and approve new flavors as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).These scientists are paid by the (FEMA) trade group (who ultimately get their funding from the flavor companies.

Public advocacy groups have tried to get certain flavorings banned because these flavors/additives can create issues linked to cancer, but little has been done.

The person who eats a typical American diet full of additives, preservatives, etc. will consume more water than the body actually needs, because the diet is far from water efficient. The high salt content is the reason why. The body will demand a large amount of water to hold the salt in solution so it won’t harm the tissues of the body. But the more insidious food additives such as monosodium glutamate must be kept away from the cells in this highly diluted form so they are not immediately toxic; unfortunately some of this toxic materials may still seep into and damage the body’s cells.

MSG/Glutamate also happens to be an excitatory transmitter. What that means is it increases the levels of electrical in the brain and auditory cortex where the loud noise caused by tinnitus is received. There are two kinds of neurotransmitters, excitatory neurotransmitters and inhibitory neurotransmitters.

If the first neuron releases an excitatory transmitter (resulting in an increase of electrical activity) the receiving neuron will transmit this information to the next neuron. However, if the first neuron releases an inhibitory neurotransmitter (resulting in reduced electrical activity) the signal is suppressed and not passed on, some neurons have both inhibitory and excitatory synapses connected to them and this further fine tunes the signal.

Glutamate is the most common neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s role is primarily an excitatory substance which causes the brain to be stimulated, but we do not want our brains to be stimulated when we want to rest, relax or sleep. The MSG/Glutamate in the body triggers this firing of neurons. When there is too much glutamate in the synapse between neurons, it will activate the neurons into a continual firing mode until they exhaust their energy reserves and die. The body tries to compensate because it tries to send the GABA (gamma-amino-butyric-acid) to quiet down this activity. But an overload of glutamate can defeat this. All of this brain activity can also lead to panic attacks and anxiety disorder, stress, increased heart rate and heart palpitations as well as many neurodegenerative conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s even Tinnitus. All of this activity causes Tinnitus because people with this condition have elevated levels of glutamate and the hyperexcitibility that goes along with it in their auditory cortex.

Glutamate is the primary villain in cochler-synoptictinnitus. This type develops when the hair cells in the cochlear are damaged. This is caused primarily by exposure to loud noises or ototoxic drugs which damage the hair cells. When the hair cells are damaged, they release large amounts of glutamate which becomes toxic to the neuroreceptors in the auditory pathway. These receptors die off from the excess glutamate and tinnitus is the result.

The pathway to neuron death: The electrical connections in the brain and the auditory pathway; the synapses are continually stimulated or inhibited by neurotransmitters. Two of the main stimulating (excitatory) are Glutamate and Aspartate; while the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter is Gamma-Amino-Butyric-Acid (GABA). If these transmitters become out of balance neurological problems develop. Tinnitus is a degenerative neurological condition that is affected by excitotoxins and sudden deafness can occur due the excess glutamate.

In the 1950’s there were early warning signs, some ophthalmologists tested MSG on infant mice to study eye disease. The MSG destroyed all of the nerve cells in the inner layers of the animals retina which are the visual receptors of the eye. Then ten years later, a neuroscientist John Olney MD repeated the study, not only to the eye but the brain as well. The hypothalamus was destroyed with one single dose of MSG/Glutamate!

FDA labeling restrictions state MSG must be listed on the product label only when it is in free form. If it is combined with other food additive components, it does not have to be listed separately. This loophole in the label requirements led to the development of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, vegetable protein, and natural flavorings.

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is manufactured from “junk vegetables” which are no longer fit for retail sale. They are then boiled in sulfuric acid for several hours, then neutralized with a caustic soda. A brown sludge rises to the surface of the mixture. This is scraped off, dried, and powdered after which MSG is added, typically in the range of 40-60%. It is then added by the food industry from everything from canned tuna to baby foods. This all happens without any mention of MSG on the label.
Read my account:My History Of MSG Exposure  and List of Reference Materials

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My History Of MSG Exposure

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Dear Readers,

By 2000, over 350,000 metric tons of MSG were produced. Now that is a lot to be distributed and the manufacture will make sure that it is used in our foods. Unfortunately, we the public were not given a voice in all of this. We, the unsuspecting are the ignorant ones; but we will suffer grave consequences. What you don’t know can harm you or maybe even kill you. We have to educate ourselves and READ LABELS. I will be including a list of MSG’s hidden names along with this report.

Glutamate is the primary villain in cochlear-synaptic tinnitus. This type of tinnitus develops when the hair cells in the cochlea are damaged. This is CAUSED primarily by exposure to loud noise or ototoxic drugs which DAMAGE the hair cells.

The proceeding statements are the facts of what happened to me. MSG is dangerous to the human body. It caused the sudden deafness in my right ear. I was on vacation and adapting to the circumstances around me., eating the things on a daily basis that I normally do not eat. I had in the past, would eat RANCH DRESSING occasionally and it ‘seemed’ not to bother me. Hindsight, I was very slowly losing the hearing in my right ear only I just was unaware of it. During our trip I was eating the Ranch Dressing six days in a row and with a couple days break. My ear was experiencing pressure and hearing difficulties but I did not think it was anything I was eating. We returned from our trip and I was fine. Two days later we attended a dinner and I consumed more Ranch Dressing. Within one hour after I finished my meal I was SUDDENLY STONE DEAF! My right ear did gain a sensitive, mottled and distorted hearing but only 10-20% or so. My ear sounds like it has a sea shell attached to it. My audiologist said all of the hair cells are now destroyed. I investigated the food and label issues of all I ate and I concluded the everything I ate contained MSG/Glutamate derivative. I do now wear a hearing aid but it does not do the job of my past God given hearing.

I just recently experienced what it feels like to have all of the nerves of my brain ‘feeling’ electrified. Another food issue this time it was a “healthy mayo”. It contained SOY PROTIEN. This is when I did a hidden name search and want to educate the public because it has really gotten out of hand with these greedy manufactures who do not care about the heath of the world’s population of humanity.

Typically people respond to disrupting bodily irritations, pain or malfunctions, by taking drugs or just ignoring it waiting for it to go away. But these irritations, pain and malfunctions are the body’s way of warning us that something is wrong and to please take away the causes…and we are supposed to listen and respond promptly. What do we do? Oftentimes unless it is debilitating we ignore it and go on with life, but the consequences will still overtake us when we do.

So my advice to my readers is to READ ALL LABELS and do not buy any products that contain these listed ingredients of MSG/ Glutamate derivative. We are supposed to go through life and learn from our mistakes, but we need to learn also from the mistakes of others because we don’t have enough time to learn them all on our own.

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Health Repercussions Due To MSG

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As an add on to the information about MSG, please find below a list of problems due to MSG ingestion for adults. Note that children as extremely more sensitive and can retain higher levels:
Facial pressures or tightness
Numbness, tingling, burning in the face neck and other areas
Heart palpitations
Chest pain
Nausea Weakness
Anxiety and/or Panic attacks
More serious issues may occur due to drug toxicity (ototoxicity) which results from administration or application of a drug or chemical which either directly or indirectly destroys cochlear hair cells resulting in hearing loss or even total deafness. MSG may even contribute to many neurological diseases:
Sudden deafness
Muscular Sclerosis
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Parkinson’s disease
Alzheimer’s Disease
* dangerous chemicals can produce nerve and brain damage
excessive brain neurological activity.

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Other Names For MSG

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Sometimes, manufacturers and restaurants list MSG as an ingredient in the foods they make. Sometimes, MSG is listed under other names. Here are some of those names.

Any “hydrolyzed protein”
Anything “hydrolyzed”
Anything “protein”
Autolyzed Yeast
Calcium caseinate
Glutamic acid
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Magnesium Glutamate
Monoammonium Glutamate
Monopotassium Glutamate
Monosodium Glutamate
Soy protein
Soy protein concentrate
Soy protein isolate
Textured protein
Whey protein
Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate
Yeast extract
Yeast food
Here are names of ingredients that often contain or produce processed free glutamic acid.

Any “flavors” or “flavoring”
Anything “enzyme modified”
Anything “fermented”
Anything “protein fortified”
Anything containing “enzymes”
Anything ultra pasteurized
Barley Malt
Bouillon and broth stock
Citric acid citrate
Malt extract
Soy sauce
Soy sauce extract
The following are ingredients suspected of containing or creating sufficient processed free glutamic acid to serve as MSG…reaction triggers in highly sensitive people.

Anything labeled “enriched”
Anything labeled “vitamin enriched”
Corn starch
Corn syrup
Lipolyzed butter fat
Milk powder
Modified food starch
Most things labeled low-fat or no fat
Reduced fat milk (skim, 1%, 2%)
Rice syrup

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