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Dear Readers,

Nitrites are additives and preservatives added to foods to preserve the color of the foods, also helping to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria especially found in meats. Nitrites are composed of nitrogen and oxygen which are an important part of our environment and our body.

Exposure happens when substances enter the body, nitrites and nitrates oxidize the iron atoms in the hemoglobin from ferros iron to ferric iron which renders the hemoglobin unable to carry oxygen through the blood and the body suffers from this lack of oxygen. It damages these red blood cells, but also morphs into the molecules of the body that causes cancer. Complications due to nitrites can include seizures or even death.

I am going to give my opinion just an hypothesis (not a proven scientific fact as of yet). If the person develops  anemia, and the effects of anemia are decreased hemoglobin cells, which carries oxygen to the cells of the body. There is also a decrease in the red blood production or red cell destruction, or blood loss. The body will suffer fatigue, exertion dyspnea, dizziness, headaches, insomnia. If one is to read the list of symptoms below, which can fall into the same range. My opinion would be to rid the diet of all processed foods before deciding to go on any medications, the body will get a chance to clean itself of the chemicals, and heal of its deficiency. It is only my opinion and belief that anemia is linked to the consumption of  nitrites/nitrates.

Blue Baby Syndrome may be caused by high nitrite drinking water, but also may be caused because of eating; for instance vegetables containing high levels of nitrite. The water gets contaminated by nitrite fertilizers used to enrich the soil. Nitrites are carried by the rain, irrigation, and run off waters. Also animal and human wastes can contribute and contaminate the drinking water. The water unfortunately cannot be boiled or heated to rid it of nitrites. The only way to purify it is through ion exchange, distillation, or reverse osmosis. Organic root vegetables contain less nitrites because fertilizers aren’t used during their process of growing.

Low Blood Pressure
Burning and tingling under the tongue

Cured sandwich meats
Hot dogs
Beef jerky
Sausage toppings on pizza