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Marie DiMercurio RT(R) MHSc currently lives in a small community in Southern California. She has worked in the field of Radiology as a registered Radiologic Technologist in the hospital setting for 25+ years in Michigan as well as in California. She recently retired from radiology and is giving her utmost attention to her new career of serving and helping her clients to gain and live with better health. She  is passionate about the study and health of the human body. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer, they sought the long journey to find healing. With that in mind, she returned to school and continued her education, graduating with a master’s degree with honors from the Fit For Life Sciences Institute and College of Natural Health. As a life scientist and health educator, she wants to share her gift of life with others.  We thought we were eating and living healthy, but soon realized we were wrong. Struggling with some new health issues of her own, she then returned to school again  to further her education into the realm of Functional Nutrition through the Full Body Systems and Individualized patient health. She and her husband were her first clients and through much investigative work, experimentation and a lot of patience. She is learning some of the  answers to past unknown challenges. People often look to doctors and drugs for the quick fix; there just isn’t a simple instant protocol, it’s about the individual person. Each person responds uniquely and differently to the same diet, dosage, supplement than another person. “Remember, what’s one man’s food, can be another man’s poison.”  Each person is to be treated uniquely, for we need to build a strong foundation that will allow for a deeper level of healing. (Click the link below to see certification).

Full Body Systems Certificate — Marie Dimercurio  

Marie is a Natural Hygienist, Functional Nutrition Health Educator and Consultant, specializing in Health Consulting, Weight Control, Healing VS. Curing.
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