A Consultation by Marie

What Kind of Consultant Am I?

First of all…I am a Natural Hygienist as well as a Functional Nutrition Health Educator: One who teaches, guides and counsels others in the matters of health. I teach others how to build health through healthful living practices. I DO NOT practice medicine…I practice good health! I am always the example. I do the experimenting on me only, and just let others know how that works.

Encourage! Questions are always welcome!

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What is Natural Hygiene?

Natural Hygiene is a science and philosophy based upon biological law that is concerned with the conditions that promote and preserve health in all of its aspects.

The philosophy of Natural Hygiene dates back to the time of Hippocrates while the biological laws upon which it is based are as old as life itself.

As a Natural Hygienist/Life Scientist, I:

  • Study health and disease as well as their conditions.
  • Consider the normal conditions of healthy life to be the requirements to prevent and, if needed, restore your health and free you of disease.
  • Make recommendations on how you can normalize your health by seeking and removing the factors that have impaired and are still impairing normal healthy functions.

 What is a Consultation?


This is a very personal and individualistic consultation with three steps.

Step 1. The Initial Interview

The initial interview will be done on the phone or at your home, in a relaxed setting. We talk, getting to know each other, and:

  • Discuss expectations from this meeting…
  • Identify the nature of concern, symptoms, etc…
  • Go over past and present living practices and eating habits…
  • Get information on medical history, and the possible causes of whatever troubles you…
  • Get information on family history, present relationships, and work situations…looking for areas of reasons for stress…
  • Fill out a diet profile and some forms for my private file to go over later in the consultation.

Step 2. The Plan of Action

I work with you to develop a Plan of Action to bring about your optimal health. This includes developing meal plans, cheat sheets, recipes, and resources.

Step 3. The Cleanse

We will go through the house and go over all of the bottles, jars, packaging, etc. reading labels and to educate you. It is your free choice on what to keep and what to discard…we will have a gut-level honest time of this. Alternative options are discussed.

All of this takes generally about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your state of health. Bimonthly or monthly follow-ups are offered as long as you desire to have the help you need.

What do you learn from a Consultation?

Causes of Impairment

May be roughly grouped as dietary deficiencies and excesses, sensual excesses of all kinds overwork… physical, sexual, sensory, etc….emotional over irritation and poison habits.

Poison habits include: 

Poisons added to our foods by growers and processors…nutritional inadequacies.

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