Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise. I always knew that there had to be a way to reverse it, but I didn’t have any solutions except dietary. It seems the disease is now overpowering a younger population as well. It used to be an old persons’s disease, it used to be a rare disease, but now it seems to be affecting the younger people as well, including into the ages of 40 and 50’s. I personally have been affected by my friends and loved ones with different stages of this disease. The numbers are astounding and continue climbing, with estimated  of 5.5 million people in the US and 2/3 of them are women who are living with this disease in this country alone.  The worldwide numbers itself claims 44 million.

When I was growing up no one ever heard of Adult Day Care Centers with their fleets of shuttles to drive everyone back and forth. But now these facilities are everywhere. This is tragic, that our nation has come to this point. Our brains and bodies health should not be this bad. 

These people are lost or becoming lost into a dark despair of no return and everyone thinks this is normal when you get old. Look at what happened to Robin Williams. His wife said he had dementia and he died because he could not live with the ‘Terrorist inside his brain’. It is NOT normal! Locking people up into day cares, nursing homes, or assisted senior facilities is not the answer. We need to help them to get back to being functioning citizens. The drugs DO NOT help, and doctors also do not know what to do to help these lost souls.

Since 2014, there has been a breakthrough, Dr. Dale Bredesen has been doing human studies (9 out of 10), not only reversing memory but his patients have recovered all their functionality of a young healthy brain. He has trained doctors across the nation to follow this same protocol and there have been amazing results. This website is to inform you of how to make good and healthy lifestyle choices so you may live with an optimally functioning brain and body. Also included in this list are books referencing the toxins that destroy the brain and body cells and how to heal a brain injury. There is too much for me to address on this topic that I will leave it to these doctors and researchers to inform you. I will be adding more as my research expands so continue to check back to this page.

We will also be adding resources on GMO”s and Vaccines (mercury toxicity). Autism is primarily affected by these two categories; and as it is a neurological-immune communication issue. I will add resources because it is a brain-barrier problem, but as I have studied and researched  there have been five cases of Autism that have been reversed to ‘normal’. Dr. Daniel Pompa and Eric Gladen  have been instrumental there because they took their own personal dilemma, testimony and research, and are using it to help others. So they are added here for you to check out their work. I strongly recommend for you to watch the documentary of Eric Gladen’s journey out of Autism which occurred because of a Tetanus vaccine. It is called Trace Amounts Watch it on: Youtube. You will be empowered to action because you could be one of the statistics.

The End Of Alzheimer’s, Dale E Bredesen, MD, Avery Penguin Random House Publisher, 2017 

Also check out Dr Dale Bredesen websites: or, which will give information of how to find a doctor who’s been trained in the Recode Protocol.

Grain Brain, David Perlmutter, MD with Kristin Loberg, Little, Brown and Company, 2013

Memory Rescue…Supercharge Your Brain Reverse Memory Loss And Remember What Matters The Most, Daniel Amen MD, Tyndale House Publishers Inc.,  2017

The Brain’s Way Of Healing Itself…The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge MD, Penguin Publishing Group, 2016

Coconut Oil And LowCarb Solutions For Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s And Other Diseases, Mary Newport MD, Basic Health Publications Inc., 2015

How stress can and will affect one’s body, brain, and life itself.     Square One, Joseph Maroon MD and Carrie Kennedy MEd, Pythia Publishing, 2017      

Checkout healthy recipes for Brain Healthy Dark Chocolate Candies and Banana Tea in the recipes section.

Sleep issues? Besides Banana Tea (above) alternate suggestions that promote relaxation and sleep:    L-Tryptophan (I use Whole Foods brand) (500mg/ hour before bed) and/or  L-Theanine (200mg-400mg/hour before bedtime). Blood sugar imbalances can interfer with sleep, waking us up in the middle of the night. The helper I use to sleep better is Pumpkin Chocolate Cups.

Brain Save…6-Week Plan To Heal Your Brain From Concussions, Brain Injuries and Trauma without Drugs or Surgery, Dr. Titus Chiu, The Modern Brain Publishing, (may be purchased through Amazon) 2018

What You Must Know About Memory Loss And How To Stop It,  Pamela Wartian Smith MD MPH, Square One Publisher, 2014

The Cellular Healing Diet, Dr. Daniel Pompa, Revelation Health LLC, 2018 (This diet is how he and his son were brought out of Autism).

Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment: What You Can Do To Get Better, How Your Doctor Can Help, Andrew Hall Cutler PhD, June 1, 1999 (For heavy metal detox)

 Keto Sweets, Kelsey Ale, 2018. (book is self-published and may be bought on Amazon along with other Keto Diet Cookbooks for helping the brain. (Just a suggestion.)

Feeding You Lies…How To Unravel The Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health, Vani Hari, Hachett Book Group, 2106

Do Nothing…How to break Away From Overworking, Overdoing, And Underliving, Celeste Headlee, Random House, Inc. NY, NY 2020.

Clean Supplements: I have a resource that produces ‘Vitamins Without Junk‘, chemically pure, made in the USA-without ingredients  that you can’t pronounce. Since 1993. My husband and I have gotten their  products since 1999 and I have been grateful for ‘clean’ products. I also get my baking soda and spices from them. Their contact informations is:…Toll free phone: 1-866-372-5275. They will ship products to you. If you live in San Diego the store is called Self Health Resources. I highly recommend them for their high quality.

Water Distillers: Our bodies consist of 70% water and we need to hydrate well to support a healthy life. We need adequate levels of hydration for the essential regulation of your body’s normal physiological functions. Pure clean water, I drink distilled water in order to have the cleanest water possible. I hated the taste of tap water and its toxic chemical intake would poison me so that went by the side. We then bought plastic bottles with spring water and found out  about the BPA content (check out the link:  : and the water wasn’t as pure as we had hoped it would be. So we bought a water distiller and have been healthy and happy with it ever since. The company is Waterwise. Contact information: 1-800-874-9028, They have  been given great recommendations by us.

Oral Health Dentist: Healthy High-Tech Dentistry; In case any of our readers are interested in a holistic way of ridding your mouth of toxic root canals, (see: The End Result Of Root Canals Can Be Toxic, and other oral health issues.  I contracted this dentist, because he was the only one who could remove the root canal teeth and replace them with the metal-free implants in the same day. If you are interested to contact.  Dr Gary A. Larsen D.D.S.  1508 Shaw Ave.  Clovis, CA  93611   (559)-226-6060.


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