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From Birth Until Sunset: Poisoned to Death, written by Marie DiMercurio, tells the truth of how the standard American Diet (SAD) has betrayed us and is destroying our bodies and complicating our health. This book offers the learning process on how to get away from this destructive system and achieve optimal health as well as freedom from allergies, cravings, food addictions, and withdrawls. The problems as well as the solutions are well-explained. This is one woman’s journey from sickness to recovery, which is needed by our society in this time of epidemics.

“Once in a while, as we struggle with challenges in life, someone comes along with an answer or a solution. They are then hailed, and rightly so. Here is one courageous woman who is willing to speak the truth about the problems of the Standard American Diet and its chemicals and inferiority which contribute so greatly to obesity, ill-health, and disease. This book is a powerful message that is sorely needed at this time in human history. The well-researched information within these pages is of immense value, giving real hope for recovery to all those who are trapped in the despair of a malfunctioning body. If you value health, this is a must read; but it is to be lived, not just read.” 

endorsement from Harvey Diamond  N.Y. Times Bestselling author, FIT FOR LIFE

[Marie] presents an interesting and compelling account of her insight into what it takes to get healthy and stay that way! She also stresses the emotional and spiritual factors vital to our physical efforts. Good job!
An endorsement from Dan E Chesnut, MD
Author,  “Lying With Authority”

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From Birth Until Sunset

From Birth Until Sunset