Banana Tea

Banana Tea

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Banana Tea:
Take a firm, but not green banana, (don’t use too ripe/soft ones because there is more sugar in them which may interfere with the sleep cycle, save those for your Banana Ice Cream.) wash, cut off the ends and cut it in half (leaving the peel on). Put it into a pot with 2-3 cups (1-1 1/2 cups per person) of filtered boiling water. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Pour into your mug, discarding the banana pieces. The tea has a very mild banana flavor with so much magnesium. (You may add a 1-2 teaspoons of Organic Coconut Oil to the tea if desired). Relax and sip your tea 60-90 minutes before bedtime to help promote sleep. If you like bananas, it’s delicious, and it has so much magnesium which will allow your muscles to relax so you can sleep. (There is three times more magnesium in the peel than in the fruit.)

I tried this and it really worked.  Each person drinking this may experience different reactions times, each application may be unique to the individual. I would appreciate it if others would try this tea, especially those who are insomniac and let me hear your comments and experiences below.  (click the recipe title to bring up the comment link) The tea itself looks like slightly foggy water, (so no picture with this recipe).

Sleep tight!


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