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If Our Body Isn’t Healing, It May Be Stuck in Stress Mode

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Sometimes we learn our lessons by peeling back the layers of our life. Sometimes we keep repeating the same lessons like the ‘Ground Hog Day’ which the character kept experiencing the same day over and over. Sometimes we don’t want to look because it hurts too much or we just don’t want to deal with the emotions, it’s easier to just think than to feel. People fear the unknown, because we don’t know what we will find when we do look at it.
As human beings we will deal with stress in our lives; with our outward busy lives and living with unconscious trigger patterns, our body’s stress levels get stuck and don’t shut down. We become caught in our Sympathetic Nervous System, which is our FIGHT OR FLEE‘ response and freeze there. When that happens the body’s nervous system is maladaptive and the body’s healing stops. There isn’t any rest and digest activation from the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The body must be in a calm state in order perform it’s healing processes. You can take all the supplements, healthy food etc., but the body will react to them, unable to absorb the nutrients because of the internal stand still. For the body to heal it has to be in a healing state…CALM is the healing state.
Awareness is the first way to interrupt unconscious trigger patterns, living life with your eyes wide open. We  go to our mind to escape our emotions, instead we need to consciously become aware of what’s happening in our system for us to be ready to change our mindset. Then, learning to stop these patterns of thinking and behavior so we can shift and calm the nervous system. Some tools to use are: breathing slow and deep, mindfulness, meditation. This helps to calm our mind and come back into our body.  Sometimes we need to digest past emotions which haven’t been processed and have been held in our body, such as past traumas that need to be worked through so we can move ahead.
Transform is the key answer, dealing with underlying issues such as why do we go into our mind to escape our emotions in the first place? We may not feel safe, so we  try and think our way to safety. We may not feel loved, thus we need to learn to respect, care, and love the special person that we are. This is the core to a new heart so we can take care of ourself and come into a new body and a new home.
We are all in this together,
Encouragement to you all,

Pain Is Not The Ultimate Enemy

To my Readers,

Americans have become the most pain conscious people on the face of the earth. Through the bombardment of the media, pain is to be banned as though it were the ultimate evil. As a result, this nation has escalated the slightest ache into a soaring ordeal. We know very little about pain and what we don’t know makes it hurt worse.
The most ignored fact of all pain is that the best way to eliminate it is to eliminate its abuse. People are very intolerant of any type of pain and just reach for a pill. The purpose of these drugs is to kill the pain, but it cannot cure it or take it away. Most of the pain is of unknown cause, and most people have been told that they have to learn to cope and live with this pain through pain management techniques. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well at all, and many are caught in a web of deceit and despair, continually taking more drugs.
Many painkilling drugs actually make the pain worse.  Thus, creating many unwanted side effects, adding more toxins to the already inflamed body which intensifies the pain, and the drugs will start the addictive process within the body. It is a vicious cycle that has to stop but many won’t. People are more afraid of pain and disease than death itself, but they continue to take the avenue that leads them there. Pain is the warning system of the body that something is wrong and needs to be checked and adjusted.
Other than accidents, trauma, and surgeries most pain is because of the toxins in our environment, the diet we partake in, lack of movement/exercise, and the stress we put upon ourselves. It all compounds and our body suffers. Getting rid of the processed foods with its toxins and eating an organic whole-food plant-based diet will give the body a chance to heal and eliminate the pain. Hydrate well. Movement will start to come more freely. In my case, my diet was creating a huge pain problem for me. Click and read to find out how I overcame the pain: and
Keep a food, mood, and poop journal (buy a large notebook) and record everything you eat each day, how your body feels throughout the day; how often, how much hydration you do, and how well you eliminate your toxins through your stools. Also how well you sleep each night and you will be able to see for yourself the different triggers that bring on your pain…just have the sense enough to eliminate that trigger. Sometimes what we do and eat is hurting us.
More about reducing pain and a how a change of diet can help, check out my book:

Kickstarting and Protecting Our Immune System

To all my readers,

Your immune system is a complex network of white blood cells, organs and tissues of the lymph system.This system is spread throughout your entire body, protecting and defending your body from microorganisms and foreign predators, such as bad bacterias, viruses, parasites, or fungi; within your body there exists a terrain of bacteria that helps you to ward off these antigens,  It is a system of communication amongst its army of cells involved to defend against cellular damage to the rest of the entire body thus keeping your body in homeostasis, In a healthy state, your immune system is just monitoring and resting, it’s not in attack mode.
This is the time of the year when people seem to get more ‘colds and flu’. The weather changes to cooler, people are cooped up indoors  and aren’t getting outside to get fresh air and exercise, the holidays and all their busy fanfare, also all the sugary treats and other foods the body isn’t used to. It seems that there is more stress on your body at this time of the year, and that plays in as exhaustion which lowers your immune health. 70% of your immune system is right in your gut, this is the first layer of immunity.  What we need to do during the rest of the year is to build a strong immune support network for ourselves. How do we do this you ask? Immune system depleters include: excess sugar consumption, alcohol consumption, a Standard American Diet with its anti-nutrient foods. Frequent exposure to infectious agents. Stress is a biggie. Stress directly inhibits many functions of your immune health. Severe trauma from surgery or accident also stresses the body.  Stress increases your body’s production of cortisol which blunts your immune health. Vaccines and regular antibiotic use can cause a depression of the immune response for one to two weeks minimum. Fevers are your body’s response to fight the inward microorganisms, so taking aspirin or Tylenol is thwarting this process. Cool water washes will help decrease high temperatures, allowing your body’s healing process to continue. Lack of sleep suppresses the Natural Killer cell activity. It’s interesting, because with more hours of darkness at this season of the year our body tends to desire more rest, so why do we push it beyond what it needs? Being too clean can inhibit your immune system from functioning properly. Cleaning and disinfecting seems like the best, but it can be too much of a good thing. Practice good hygiene, but don’t go overboard. While trying to avoid foreign pathogens you don’t want to unintentionally minimize the good bacteria in your inner environment.

To your good health,

Is Your Cell Phone Emitting Radiation IntoYour Body?

My dear readers,

The government issued a nuclear bomb to be tested in the desert of New Mexico 120 miles south of Albuquerque in 1945; and then 2 atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended the war with Japan. The radiation in the environment and the injury and death toll that followed was in the hundreds of thousands. The effects of the radiation continues to this day. Nevada tested many nuclear bombs in their desert from 1951 through 1996 with people there observing these events until ceased by the United Nations. Human beings were used as guinea pigs in these experiments, according to the ones that survived the trauma.
I have studied the effects of high-frequency radiation on the human body as part of my precursor to the field of Radiology. I worked in the field of Radiology for 25 plus years and we were continuously hounded to shield, to protect ourselves and our patients from radiation exposure. We had to be advocates for our patients so they wouldn’t be over-exposed. As an after thought, our brains were still getting radiation, the head and brain could not be protected. Hmmm.
But low-frequency radiation can have detrimental and long term effects on the body also. We aren’t told of these dangers, nor given any safety or protection from them. They are just deemed as safe to use. Just like the ‘guinea pigs’ of the 1940’s and ’50’s, we all believed them. But radiation is radiation and it is accumulative. It doesn’t leave the body, but it scatters around inside the body creating DNA damage, sometimes as bad as cancers.
Forms of electromagnetic radiation come from a large variety of sources;  which include microwaves, cordless phones, cell phones, bluetooth, computers, Wi-Fi, smart TV’s, television and radio broadcasts, power lines, fitness tracking devices, gaming systems, even some fish tanks, and of course ultra violet waves, x-rays, and gamma rays. The 5G towers are our new danger. 5G means the cell phone industry is installing millions of small cell antennas on lamp posts, buildings, and power poles all over the world (+13 million in the US alone) SIGNIFICANTLY increasing radiation level. We are always practically bathed in EMF’s.  Your cell phone is the strongest source of radiation that you carry with you daily. When not being used signals are sent out almost continuously. By default, these close range radiation pulses go through your body, even in standby mode, and these EMF’s impact our health in subtle and powerful ways. That is to say they have a adverse biological effect on our cells and their health.
If cell phones are so dangerous, then how come I’m not affected, you may say. This is the crucial thing to understand, you don’t feel the invisible rays of electricity either, but it does affect us also. Cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation which is a type of EMF. The health of our cells determines the health of our bodies and how we feel. When we examine the biological sites of cancer and cell phone use, the cell phones are always near the areas the cancer has originated. For example, people are getting tumors the same side of the head as they use their cell phone, cancers show up where one carries their phone. The studies keep pouring in and are conclusive. “Clear evidence of cancer” from cell phone radiation, concludes an extensive 10 year $30 million US federal study.
When I used to use my cell phone during  conversations it felt like it was heating up, then I put the X spots on all of my EMF appliances with the thought they would absorb all of the radiation that was emitting from the phone, (at least I was told that and believed it). It toned the heat down so I thought I was fine. But in my research I found out that is not true! These X spots only reduces the radiation, it does not take it away. I had to get rid of my cordless phone and electric clock radio also because when plugged in they would interrupt my sleep. I unplug my WiFi and turn off all EMF devices at least an hour before I go to sleep.
Research shows the biological effects of EMF’s are widespread; genetic effects, cellular and molecular effects, behavioral changes (especially in children), effects on the nervous system and brain, impaired learning, impaired fertility, metabolic effects, depressed immune system, hormonal disturbance, sleeping disorders, cardiovascular problems and blood brain barrier damage.
The WHO (World Health Organization) found that “Regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of gliomas by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use.” What that means is: Gliomas are a type of tumor in the brain or spine that are malignant and deadly. Survival rates are generally 1 to 3 years after diagnosis. And 1640 hours equates to about 30 minutes per day over 10 years. These cancers are the most common cancer-related death of young adults aged 15-39. These cancers represent 80% of all malignant tumors. In fact, 24 hours of EMF exposure can cause more DNA damage than 1000 chest X-rays. We need to protect ourselves and our children from this harmful radiation.
There are some ways to protect ourselves from cell phone radiation.
1. Make Airplane Mode your best friend, or completely shut
it off. (some phones you will need to deactivate WiFi
and Bluetooth manually.)
2. Limit calls to those that are absolutely necessary.
3. Avoid using your phone next to your ear, (like the
inverse square law…it limits your potential exposure.)
hold it at least one-foot from your body and on speaker mode.
4. Don’t sleep with your cell phone turned on at night.
5. Use your phone only in conditions of optimal reception.
(avoid basement underground, or elevator use.)
Stand next to window or outside as much as possible.

I am concerned!

Chewing Well: A New Concept to Wellness

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My readers,

Do you eat on the run, in a hurry, just putting food in your mouth but barely, not even tasting it? When you finish eating your meal, how does your body really feel? Do you feel stuffed, bloated, gassiness, burping, bad breath, heartburn/reflux issues, acid stomach, intestinal issues, tired/letdown, pain issues in abdomen, joints and muscles? Do you ever eat so fast that some food sticks in your throat, or goes into your trachea, and you end up with a coughing fit? Do you end up so stuffed about a half-hour after you eat that you can’t button your pants? Do you have to stay in the bathroom because things just didn’t go down the way they should and it’s coming out all ‘wrong’? Does your stool contain the visibility of your meal?
Well, I have good news for you! First of all, you are not alone. The cause has a simple solution. Your food that you just ‘inhaled’, and barely chewed, is the cause of your problem. What I mean by that is, the insufficient chewing of the foods of your meal has created undigestible ‘chunks’, that cannot be digested and assimilated by your body in that state. The mechanical process of digestion starts with chewing, stimulates the saliva and enzymes as well as relaxing the esophagus and prepares the stomach for its entry. Well-chewed foods glides easily through your esophagus and into your stomach. Chewing relaxes the lower end of your stomach, the pylorus; this muscle must be relaxed in order for the food to leave your stomach and pass into the small intestine. So optimal chewing creates sufficient saliva to help your food through your digestive system in a healthy manner. Undigested foods can ‘leak’ (permeability) through your colon’s lining and end up in your body causing food allergies and autoimmune issues. The unchewed foods has a more difficult journey through the entire digestive and the metabolic chain process. So chewing your foods real well, giving yourself time to eat, relaxed, is going to help your digestive system function as it was created to do and your digestive problems will become a thing of the past. New habits start slow, conscious before unconscious, so thinking, relaxing and chewing; is the new pattern.

I’m rooting for you!

Rescued From Depression

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Pharmaceutical Triggers of Depression: Chemotherapy, Hypnotics, Statins and Simvastatin, Oral Contraceptives, Beta-blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines.
Non-Pharmaceutical Triggers of Depression: Nicotine, EMF (computers, cell phone, WiFi, etc.), Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction, Endocrine Imbalances, Degenerative Neurological Conditions, (MS Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Stroke), Immune System Diseases (ie. Lupus), Infections, and mold exposure, are some examples.
Processed foods activate depression, as the food ingredients and additives can cause or aggravate depressive episodes. Sugar is at the top of the list of inducing depression, and it seems to be in most processed foods, the only way to avoid it is to eliminate the foods from the standard American diet. (read: Hidden Sugar Names and Sugar and its Downsides). Also avoid Gluten, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), artificial sweeteners, which tend to be associated with neurotoxic reactions, mood disorders, schizophrenia, BiPolar, and is linked to depression, headaches, seizures, anxiety, and neuropathy. There are all types of diets but the healthiest ones are the whole-foods plant based organic and non-GMO. Mediterranean diet is one example. (read my book, From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned To Death, for details) Simply, what God made you can eat, what man makes don’t eat, because man’s foods are too full of chemical toxins. Other important suggested helps are: Omega 3 fats, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, B6, B3 (which is Niacin, but get the no-flush Niacin) Vitamin C, Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium, Glutathione 500mg daily, and MCT Oil. Start with 1 tsp of MCT Oil at lunch and if your body feels ok with it, increase it to 1 Tbs. within the next week, gradually work up to at least 3 per day. A lot of these you can get many of these nutrients through your plant-based diet food supply. Food grade essential oils have been known to reduce depression in some people, 1 drop of under the tongue every 4-5 hours showed good results. Get on an exercise routine, that is the most important action you can take for yourself. Get at least 8 hours sleep a night, hydrate well, reduce stress through daily meditation. Getting the gut and brain working together is going heal the whole body.


Restore Brain Health And Nerve Function

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Dear Readers,

These Are Just Some Suggestions: to use to help restore cognitive impairment; read under Resources for others.

Stress Less:
Breathe Slow
Meditate Daily
Enjoy Nature
Exercise Daily
Prayer and Faith
Practice Gratitude

Exercise in Bursts:
Daily exercise makes your brain bigger (Dementia shrinks it as well as processed foods). You want a bigger brain, which inspires growth of new brain cells and connections. Exercise keeps your brain happy and promotes better sleep. It keeps away depression. (Daily exercise supervised to start off)
*Do breathing exercises, daily see breathing exercises.
*Walking/sprinting in place…start slow work up JUST KEEP MOVING. Allow the blood to flow to your brain.
*Walk in place (hold chair for balance if needed), speed it up slow it down.The fast/slow rhythm will enhance your lungs, heart and brain.
*Later goal is for the balancing exercises. Hold solid chair back lightly, stand on one foot, then the other, alternating, do for 1-2 minutes. each week can increase the time as the body conforms.
*Not only exercising your body but your brain as well…learning NEW things stimulates the brain cells into growing new ones. These exercises are for beginners and keep moving.

Reduce Inflammation:
The brain and neurological tissues are extremely sensitive regions of the body and are highly susceptible to infection and inflammation. One of the ways our body protects itself from threats of infection is through the immune process called inflammation, but if there is too much inflammation going on it can damage the neurological tissue and cause problems.
Food is a big contributor to inflammation. Inflammatory foods include, dairy, sugars, refined grains, grain-fed meat, bad fats, such as corn, unfermented soy, canola oil, hydrogenated oils, all oils that are used for frying. Fried foods are a culprit for inflammation in the body. The closer you stay to a whole-foods diet the less inflammation you will have..Organic foods only, avoiding GMO (genetically modified organisms). Organic Omega 3 fatty acids, Organic Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, and Organic Coconut Oil, help reduce inflammation.Wash all fruits and veggies in the sink with a tsp. of baking soda to decontaminate the chemical residues.

Clean filtered water:
Hydration is critical…it washes out toxins and waste products. Our cells are working hard all day long and water is the way these cells won’t get gummed up, and fail to eliminate their waste products. It keeps are body running smoothly and efficiently. The brain will also get soft and shrinks if it’s not sufficiently hydrated. If we don’t get enough fluid moving through the body everything starts to back up and the body is becoming literally poisoned. Hydration with healthy water is the best. Tap water and water in plastic bottles are not the best; the bottled water sits in the chemical ladened plastic for weeks or even months. The best water is fresh water that is distilled or second best, cleaned with activated charcoal preferably in your own home, and stored in glass.

Benefits of Fasting:
Last meal of the day 3 hours before bedtime because it helps the process of melatonin and sleep. Breakfast will be at least 12 hours from the last meal from the night before to help the body’s immune senescence to happen. It allows the body to purge itself of some of those old cells, so the immune system can create new ones. The circadian cycles of the body are at work during the hours of  ‘fasting’ to allow the body to metabolize and eliminate the processes of the foods last eaten. It helps keep the immune system healthy. Drinking more water during these periods especially when rising in the morning helps the cleansing process.

Supplements Suggestions:
*Nature’s Way MCT Oil…starting at 1 tsp/day with food mid day, work up to in combination with coconut oil to 3 Tbl./day
*Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (see above)
*Enzymedica Digest Enzymes take just before eating ANY/ALL cooked foods. Take at the beginning of the meal that will contain cooked foods.
*Vitamin B-12, B-6, Folic Acid. and Vitamin D-3/one capsule, each once a day with lunch.
*DHA/EPA Fish oil capsules or DHA Vegetarian Algae 2 per day with dinner.

Truthfully Caring,

Sleepy Time Tips

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Dear Friends and Readers,

Daily exercise helps to keep the body in hormonal balance. Melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep, and to relieve stress and depression. Doing vigorous exercise early in the day and mild stretching before bedtime will help to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Hydrate well during the day to keep your brain alert and body cleansed. You can slow down your drinking your fluids after dinner so you won’t interrupt your sleep by getting up to go to the bathroom.

Make sure that you have your last food intake at least three hours before bedtime, so your body and brain will be able to rest; repairing itself and converting new information in the brain. and not to be disrupted by the digestive process.

After dinner, dishes done, kitchen cleaned; now get yourself ready for bed. It is now the power-down-hour, 20 minutes for hygiene, brush teeth and other bedtime rituals, then RELAX. Turn off the computers, and other electronic devices, for these disrupt brain function for sleeping. Keep the lights low and allow your melatonin levels to rise naturally. Meditate, drink your banana tea, keep the conversations at a calm level, nothing stimulating.

It is best to go to bed earlier, say 8-9:00 while the melatonin levels are up, so you can get your 8 hours of sleep before these levels drop. We do need at least 8-9 hours of good sleep a night for optimal health and proper body and brain functioning. Retrain and go to bed earlier, 10 minutes or so for several nights until you reach a healthier bedtime. When the light/sunlight appears the melatonin will decrease and your body is ready to get up or you will feel groggy.

When you retire to sleep for the night, make sure all lights are covered, keep your room as dark as possible, otherwise the lights will decrease your melatonin levels. Have the room temperature kept cool 60-68 degrees rather than warm so you can sleep comfortably. If you do open the window but need to keep the noise level down, use foam earplugs to have a quiet sleep.

​Alcohol, caffeine, and some drugs interrupt your REM sleep, and so do the sleeping pills, please refrain from these drugs if you want to have a good night sleep. I have taken to include one tablespoon of MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides which has 60% coconut oil) at lunch. I found that I sleep great at night and dream a lot…so I know I am sleeping when I dream. Sugars are a brain stimulant and also hinders the proper function of the sleep hormones so best to avoid them.

Pleasant Dreams!