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Kickstarting and Protecting Our Immune System

To all my readers,

Your immune system is a complex network of white blood cells, organs and tissues of the lymph system.This system is spread throughout your entire body, protecting and defending your body from microorganisms and foreign predators, such as bad bacterias, viruses, parasites, or fungi; within your body there exists a terrain of bacteria that helps you to ward off these antigens,  It is a system of communication amongst its army of cells involved to defend against cellular damage to the rest of the entire body thus keeping your body in homeostasis, In a healthy state, your immune system is just monitoring and resting, it’s not in attack mode.
This is the time of the year when people seem to get more ‘colds and flu’. The weather changes to cooler, people are cooped up indoors  and aren’t getting outside to get fresh air and exercise, the holidays and all their busy fanfare, also all the sugary treats and other foods the body isn’t used to. It seems that there is more stress on your body at this time of the year, and that plays in as exhaustion which lowers your immune health. 70% of your immune system is right in your gut, this is the first layer of immunity.  What we need to do during the rest of the year is to build a strong immune support network for ourselves. How do we do this you ask? Immune system depleters include: excess sugar consumption, alcohol consumption, a Standard American Diet with its anti-nutrient foods. Frequent exposure to infectious agents. Stress is a biggie. Stress directly inhibits many functions of your immune health. Severe trauma from surgery or accident also stresses the body.  Stress increases your body’s production of cortisol which blunts your immune health. Vaccines and regular antibiotic use can cause a depression of the immune response for one to two weeks minimum. Fevers are your body’s response to fight the inward microorganisms, so taking aspirin or Tylenol is thwarting this process. Cool water washes will help decrease high temperatures, allowing your body’s healing process to continue. Lack of sleep suppresses the Natural Killer cell activity. It’s interesting, because with more hours of darkness at this season of the year our body tends to desire more rest, so why do we push it beyond what it needs? Being too clean can inhibit your immune system from functioning properly. Cleaning and disinfecting seems like the best, but it can be too much of a good thing. Practice good hygiene, but don’t go overboard. While trying to avoid foreign pathogens you don’t want to unintentionally minimize the good bacteria in your inner environment.

To your good health,

Dangers Are Lurking, How To Keep Our Pets Healthy

My  Readers,

We are going to reach out to a different population, something out of the ordinary, but still in the line of health and wellness. Who is it you may ask? The population I will be speaking about is the canines and felines/dogs and cats. They need health as much as their owners do. If your pet is sick quite often, then you must look at your own diet and environment.
Glyphosate has become a health hazard for our pets, insects, and people. It is the active ingredient in Roundup and is found in the bodies of 93% of humans tested–the amount found in a dog’s body is a full 5,000 percent more than in humans. It is not just a toxin, but an antibiotic that interferes with enzymatic pathways in the many bacterias of your animal’s gut health. Your dog will be exposed to it every time he goes for a walk. The parks, fields, schools are treated and the animals pick it up on their paws as they run through it. Cats who are not housebound will come in contact with glyphosate as well. When the animal comes home be sure to wash their paws very carefully after their trip outdoors. It’s also in their foods if they have commercial pet foods, and those who have canned foods have more. Kibbles have the even higher levels, with grain-free kibbles having the highest levels! The move by the pet food manufactures away from corn and soy to fillers like oats, pea protein, chickpeas and lentils is the main reason. These products tested in human study deliver the highest glyphosate levels to the consumer. They are sprayed just before harvest to make the process easier.
GMO’s are another problem for the animal species.Dr. Michael Fox, veterinarian stated, “The creation of GMO’s GE BioTechnology as the last step for the human species to tamper with the earth’s regulatory and creative process. It’s the invasion on the sanctity of life purely for human profit.” Animals are now getting human diseases. Soon after genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) were introduced into the food supply, many veterinarians noticed an decline in the health of dogs and cats. Allergies, chronic diarrhea, itching, immediate symptoms; but cancers and shorter lifespans were later reported. Many people have done a dietary switch to their pets diets to non-GMO and organic diets. The improvements  were remarkable, were stated by more than 3.200 pet owners.
Xylitol has dangerous toxic properties for dogs.  It is a sugar alcohol commonly used for baking, in chewing gum, candies, peanut butters, chewable  vitamins, some toothpastes, and throat lozenges. If the dog consumes any the animal will be dead in less than a half an hour. To prevent such poisonings, recognize that dogs have a huge sweet tooth and are very short on judgement and do act accordingly. Don’t leave any of these tasty items laying around.
According to many veterinarians interviewed the raw homemade diet with organic  grass-fed organ meats and vegetables is the best diet for your pet. Be sure though to separate and refrigerate all raw pet food from human grade foods, washing only the produce,  not the raw meats.
The next best diet is the nutritionally balanced homemade cooked  food diet. Do not microwave any of your pets foods, whether thawing or cooking. I repeat do not! Also, do not thaw your pet’s meats in water.
Stepping down in quality, is the commercially available balanced raw food diet in freezer packs. and dehydrated or freeze-dried raw diet.
Worse are the canned and pouch foods.
Bottom of the list is the cooked homemade human food, because of the processing, chemicals and toxins that are in these foods.
*It’s a species appropriate diet for dogs and cats.
*Raw boosts their immune system and helps  them to avoid common diseases and chronic illnesses. Raw foods along with exercise and sunshine will help your pets stay well.
*Pets can handle a higher bacteria level than humans, but nonetheless their raw meats, poultry, seafood should be consumed within seven days.
*The meats in Raw Pet Food comes from the same suppliers as human food. Human grade suppliers, which are the ones that sell to grocery stores and also Food grade suppliers (which sell condemned meat that is sold for every other style of pet food).
*Standard processed pet foods use poor quality ingredients  and dangerous substances, preservatives, additives, colors, flavor enhancers, and other dangerous non-nutritive substances that are added to extend their shelf life and make them palatable.
Raw and fermented foods are best:
*berries and fruits; which are high sources of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more.
*bone-broth; highly recommended as a food source for any dog. It adds moisture, free amino acids and joint nutrients.
*organ meats; make sure you purchase meats from a local farmer or make sure that the meats are organic-grass fed sources.
*fermented  vegetables; they are high in probiotics, vitamins and fiber.
*organic pitted and skinned avocados; are one of a dog’s favorite foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, helps the dog’s coat to shine and gives vitality and energy.
There has been some discrepancy on the internet on the avocados being poison to animals. I had a friend research the source and he said that goats who can eat anything, but the leaves of the avocado trees were extremely toxic to these animals. Therefore, the bottom line is my friend claims she will continue to feed her dogs fresh avocados every day.
Talk to your veterinarian about pet food nutrition and they may help to provide recommendations on raw and pet foods that are safe and healthy for your pets.
(If don’t have any pets, pass this information on to your friends and family members who do.)

Trusted sources,


Our Body’s Inner Powerhouse

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My family of readers,

The liver is the heaviest and largest organ in our body and  it is capable of handling more than five hundred functions for your body; if it’s kept healthy. In fact, every drop of blood filters through your liver every three minutes and there are 65,000 known enzymatic reactions that occur during that process. Your liver processes everything you consume.
An impaired liver can exhibit symptoms of disease such as digestive disorders, constipation, fatigue, food sensitivities and allergies, hay fever, infertility, arthritis, hormone imbalance, diabetes, obesity, blood sugar issues, cholesterol problems, blood pressure, and hypertension, as well as others.
Some of the functions of the liver include:
Aids in the digestive process; Controls the bile production; Regulates the storage of fats; Processes enzymes and nutrients; Manufactures glycogen (thus helping to stabilize the blood sugar levels); Controls production and secretion of cholesterol; Maintains hormone balance; Detoxifies toxins and poisons from the blood; Synthesizes our medications and processes and purifies drug residues; Discharges wastes; Metabolizes alcohol;  Manages the chemicals in the blood; It associates and assists with the immune system functions;  Removes bacteria and general foreign particles from the blood; It is a reservoir for the fat soluble vitamins and some minerals such as iron and copper; Manufactures, stores and recycles proteins, also synthesizes blood-clotting proteins and proteins for fluid part of the blood (plasma); Recycles the red blood cells by breaking them down and their constituents are reused. The liver is responsible for regenerating its own damaged tissues even if 90% of it has been removed; it will grow back to normal size if there isn’t any disorder that can weaken the organ itself. So it is very important to keep your body’d powerhouse healthy and clean so it can detox and function, thus allowing our body’s systems to work together. Too much protein, sugars, simple carbs and enzyme deficient foods in our diets are a burden. Overeating burdens the liver. Alcohol causes inflammation to the liver, as too many toxins and not enough exercise distress its functions. Balance is crucial. Be kind to our bodies, clean up our environment of toxins and plastics (which have BPA) read: The Dangers of BPA. Clean up ur bodies by eating the best foods; non-GMO’s and Organic only.

For our best health,

Chewing Well: A New Concept to Wellness

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My readers,

Do you eat on the run, in a hurry, just putting food in your mouth but barely, not even tasting it? When you finish eating your meal, how does your body really feel? Do you feel stuffed, bloated, gassiness, burping, bad breath, heartburn/reflux issues, acid stomach, intestinal issues, tired/letdown, pain issues in abdomen, joints and muscles? Do you ever eat so fast that some food sticks in your throat, or goes into your trachea, and you end up with a coughing fit? Do you end up so stuffed about a half-hour after you eat that you can’t button your pants? Do you have to stay in the bathroom because things just didn’t go down the way they should and it’s coming out all ‘wrong’? Does your stool contain the visibility of your meal?
Well, I have good news for you! First of all, you are not alone. The cause has a simple solution. Your food that you just ‘inhaled’, and barely chewed, is the cause of your problem. What I mean by that is, the insufficient chewing of the foods of your meal has created undigestible ‘chunks’, that cannot be digested and assimilated by your body in that state. The mechanical process of digestion starts with chewing, stimulates the saliva and enzymes as well as relaxing the esophagus and prepares the stomach for its entry. Well-chewed foods glides easily through your esophagus and into your stomach. Chewing relaxes the lower end of your stomach, the pylorus; this muscle must be relaxed in order for the food to leave your stomach and pass into the small intestine. So optimal chewing creates sufficient saliva to help your food through your digestive system in a healthy manner. Undigested foods can ‘leak’ (permeability) through your colon’s lining and end up in your body causing food allergies and autoimmune issues. The unchewed foods has a more difficult journey through the entire digestive and the metabolic chain process. So chewing your foods real well, giving yourself time to eat, relaxed, is going to help your digestive system function as it was created to do and your digestive problems will become a thing of the past. New habits start slow, conscious before unconscious, so thinking, relaxing and chewing; is the new pattern.

I’m rooting for you!

Enzymes Are They Life-Saving?

Our readers,

Enzymes make the whole body function and work efficiently. They are tiny protein chemicals that carry an essential energy source needed for every chemical action and reaction that happens within your body. All of life, plants or animal, requires enzymes to live. Enzymes mean life and are life.
There are three classes of enzymes.  First, there are the metabolic enzymes, which is your body’s life force, that means every action, reaction, and activity of your body depends on them. If you didn’t have these metabolic enzymes you couldn’t swallow, blink your eyes, or breathe. What about  blood circulation, heart beat,  digestion or processing of your food into blood, muscle, and bone, walking and talking or any other life giving process? Your immune and lymph system depends on these metabolic enzymes. Now, there is one very important fact about these enzymes that you must be made aware of. According to Harvey Diamond, ” The body can only produce an finite/limited number of these metabolic enzymes. That means your body can only produce a certain amount of metabolic enzymes and no more! When they run out and they will, it is called Death.”  So the fewer of these metabolic enzymes your body requires and uses the healthier you will be and the longer you will live.
The second type is called digestive enzymes. The digestive process begins in the mouth with amylase from the salivary glands to digest starches; and lingual lipase from the tongue starts the digestion of fats in the stomach. Pepsin is released in the stomach to begin protein digestion. Of course, the rest of the digestion secretes its designated enzymes.
We now come quickly to our last one, food enzymes. All raw foods contain their own active enzyme which allows some rest to the digestive system, since it doesn’t need help from the metabolic or digestive enzymes.  Foods help keep us alive; fact, stop eating and you will die.
Foods are held up in the upper portion of the stomach for about one hour before mixing with the stomach acids; giving all the digestive enzymes time to work as well as the food enzymes to begin digestion. But when the foods are cooked, the enzymes needed to break down the food in your body are destroyed.  Cooking the foods above 118 degrees destroys all of its enzymescompletely annihilates them. So the foods being held up in the stomach are without its food enzymes, the digestive enzymes cannot work in the digestion process. Therefore, the body won’t let the food just sit in the stomach so the body is forced to call on its mechanism to produce the metabolic enzymes to produce the digestive enzymes necessary to digest the foods. But, now remember, you then are using your reserve of your beloved metabolic enzymes that determines your health and days of your life. So the more cooked foods that you eat, the more depleted of your metabolic enzymes you become. This compromises your lymphatic system which becomes overburdened with accumulated waste thus challenging your immune system.
I am not advocating a raw food diet, and I won’t even try and convince you to do it. I eat my fresh fruit only in the morning  (which allows my body’s cleansing process to continue) and my salads that I get creative with for lunch, but I love my cooked foods which I look forward to at my evening meal.  I take ‘Live Plant Enzymes’ before eating any meal which will have been cooked. Processed foods are considered to be in the cooked category.
In 1999 when my husband developed (CLL) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, I began a huge research project to get only the safest, purest, high-quality supplements for us. The supplements are to be made without using heat, solvents, or fluid granulation at any stage of their manufacturing process, in order for them to be effective for the body’s needs. They also had to be Non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan because this is an announcement of safety. So for the Live-Plant Enzymes that we were to take before any and every cooked foods we chose Enzymedica Digest Enzymes (complete enzyme formula) because they have high quality manufacturing and processing practices. These are the only ones we will take. We have taken this product since 2005 with trust in the referrals of this product from others as well as the company’s integrity. I know we sound like the sales-man, but we would rather take supplements instead of drugs, and not compromise our precious metabolic-enzyme capacity. These Digest Enzymes can be purchased at most health food stores nationwide.

From a trustworthy source,

Addictions That Are Attached To Us

All readers,

We all know of the alcoholic and drug addict and their dangerous habit. You say they have a problem and you are right, they do, they cannot quit their insidious habit…even though it is killing them. The human body cannot tolerate the chemicals that we put into it, it will become addicted to these poisons. Just as the alcoholic, drug addict feed their drugs in,  the drug then begins to take over all of the body’s chemistry. They can’t just stop just by sheer desire; the brain, the hormones, the cells have all been compromised to the point that the withdrawals are overwhelming. There is no stopping now, the drugs have control over the body. It’s like a sci-fi movie where the monster comes in and can’t be stopped, its tentacles are wrapped around everything  It is terrifying. The reality of the situation is that what the chemicals that are in our diet and environment is doing the same thing to us…to our bodies, we just don’t know that the enemy is in control.

Education is the clear factor, but when it is brought to the forefront, most often it is balked at because of the food cravings/addictions involved and of the profits of the food manufacturing companies. (you read that right…cravings and addictions are in the same category). We tend to feed our palates with these chemical based foods and not our bodies which will remain malnourished and sick. This also feeds and continues the addictive cycle. They are comforting to our body but the enemy still lurks inside of us…the chemicals.

These processed foods with their chemical content are creating the diseases that are overpowering us, to the point that the health care system is becoming overrun and cannot handle the overload.  We need to be aware and recognize what is going on with the dangers of these chemicals, ie. additives, refined sugars, flours, salt to our body. I heard a story that several women were asked if they would rather have raw, passionate sex or eat chocolate. They answered,”what kind of chocolate and how much?”

The chemicals tend to overload our bodies to the point of saturation and then it reaches the breaking point. Our bodies will start screaming out in pain thus starting into the disease process. The body needs a release of these chemicals, but our addictions to them keep us from that freedom. So we get caught up into the same squirrel cage as the alcoholic and drug addict, we NEED these foods, we won’t give them up, we can’t live without them, nor do we want to try. We have so many excuses why we can’t or won’t change our eating and living habits. So we cannot judge the alcoholic because we are the same…addicted to our sugars, flours, oils, salts, refined and processed chemical based foods. The list goes on, take a second look before you dip your hand into the bowl of ‘whatever’ or the drink that you pour down your will come back and bite your body with disease. We are powerless! We need to clean up our body of these chemical poisons. Let us work on our new mindset so we can free ourselves from the tentacles of these addictive poisons. Read more:  From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned To Death and check out

Still Releasing,

Sugar And Its Downsides

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To all of my readers,

Sugar is a deceiver, it takes so good, smooth as silk going in, but bites hard like a serpent as it enters the body. It kills slow, maybe not today, or possibly a few years down the road, but its detrimental effects are continually damaging the body. Sugar robs your immune system of its vitality to keep the body in its healing mode. Sugar in all of its forms is a powerful immune system suppressant. It knocks out the immune system’s protection, crippling the white blood cells which are there to kill viruses and bacteria, but instead feeds the pathogenic yeast and viruses, which cause heath issues. 24 teaspoons of sugar decreases the immune system’s ability to annihilate bacteria by 92% for more than 5 hours Now you may say “I don’t eat that much sugar”. Well, let’s put it this way.
*  A 12-ounce can of a soft drink contains 12 teaspoons of refined sugar.
*  A half cup of ice cream contains 5-6 teaspoons of refined sugar.
*  A chocolate bar contains 7 teaspoons of refined sugar.

The average American consumes daily in their diets of manufactured foods/processed foods that may contain 50 teaspoons or more of refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Now, I may not be a math wiz, but the numbers do add up to more that the 24 teaspoons. Then, if you come in contact with a virus or bacteria within that 5 hour period–just by touching a doorknob, shaking someone’s hand, etc.–your immune system may not be able to ward off the predator. By 2030 50% of the population will have Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is where the system has been flooded with sugar for so long, that the cells will no longer accept sugar very well, they do that by shutting down the insulin receptor sites. These receptor sites are closed from the amount of sugar, that the insulin can’t get to it. Like a lock that has been blocking the key tp get in.
Insulin resistance in the brain, the Amyloid Protein starts to disrupt the recall ability and memory, Alzheimer’s Type 3.
Insulin resistance of the brain is a bad thing because the only fuel source for our brain is sugar. If the sugar can’t get to the brain cells the brain doesn’t work well. That only effects everything that the brain effects–it is your body’s control center.
Excessive sugar crystallizes the RBC’s (Red Blood Cells). They will be disabled from being able to carry the oxygen and nutrients through the body’s blood transport system. The sugar crystalizes each cell creating barbs that protrude from them, like prickers on a rose bush. As these crystalized Red Blood Cells float around through the blood system, they will cut and tear into the blood vessels walls creating a scarring that damages the wall’s elasticity. The vessels are unable to expand and contract because the scarring stiffens and hardens the walls. This is one of the reasons that folks with Diabetes have such poor circulation, because at the extremities the vessels become smaller and it’s even harder for these RBC’s to get through, thus the circulation is gravely reduced. Many more negative consequences due to refined sugar consumption are weight gain, aging of the skin as well as the body organs, inflammation which develops into other diseases due to the high acidity effects from the sugar, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, tooth decay, fatigue and irritability, heart disease, and brain dangers (especially when you think of Alzheimer’s and Autism both are affected by the excess sugars in their brain). A final thought, there has been research on people who eat lots of sweet stuff actually show reduced activity in the brain’s reward center, which means they need to eat even more  in order to get the same amount of pleasure.Alzheimer’s diet must be a whole plant based diet, avoiding all chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, processed foods, because all of these are inflammatory. Inflammation in our body will cause damage to the receptor sites. Inflammation causes oxidation to those sites and everywhere in the body it can happen. To reverse all of this the diet must be regulated: two parts, vegetables–all the different colors. and 2 parts protein and 1/2 part fruits…the low glycemic ones, like organic berries. All of the diet must be organic and non-GMO’s in order for the body to function properly and remain in optimal health.
Let there be a 14 hour fast from the dinner meal to the next day’s breakfast. This allows the body’s cells to eliminate  many of its toxins; fasting is the only way for this to happen.. I have been down this road, got off the path and went through the healing of my body. I do not want to ever go back there again. I encourage you to be diligent and read labels very carefully! Sugar comes in many forms and I have included those in another article on my webpage. Hidden Sugar Names.



Hidden Sugar Names

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Agave nectar                                    Glucose
Barbados sugar                               Glucose solids
Barley malt                                      Golden sugar
Beet sugar                                        Golden syrup
Blackstrap molasses                      Granulated sugar
Brown sugar                                    Grape sugar
Buttered syrup                                High-fructose corn syrup
Cane juice crystals                          Honey
Cane sugar                                       Icing sugar
Caramel                                            Invert sugar
Carob syrup                                      Lactose
Castor sugar                                     Malt syrup
Confectioner’s sugar                       Maltodextrin
Corn syrup                                        Maltose
Corn syrup solids                            Maple syrup
Crystalline fructose                         Molasses
Date sugar                                        Muscovado sugar
Demerara sugar                               Raw sugar
Dextrane                                            Refiner’s sugar
Dextrose                                            Rice syrup
Diastase                                             Sorbitol
Diastatic malt                                   Sorghum syrup
Ethyl maltol                                      Sucrose
Evaporated cane juice                    Sugar
Fructose                                            Syrup
Fruit juice                                         Treacle
Fruit juice concentrate                  Turbinado sugar
Galactose                                         Yellow sugar


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My dear readers,

I have been telling you all as I have go through my health journey that I keep experimenting (with me) throughout the healing process. My book: From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned To Death explains some of these things along my journey. I have to look at the whole process as a lot of Lessons For Life, to help me along the way as well as helping all of my readers, who are also searching for answers. I have had pitfalls and valleys as well as mountain high experiments. I started this year’s journey trying to find out why even though I had been on a whole food plant-based diet that I was still having pain issues. (Read the article on Excessive Protein Problems on this webpage.) Well, I came to another fork in the road.

I would like to share with you my weekend health experience. I still struggle with my food addictions, and when I give into them they always get me in trouble. Well, Friday night we went out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant and ate the small Bruschetta appetizer and one other piece of bread along with my dinner. That night I woke up three hours after going to sleep, all of my joints were throbbing with pain that wouldn’t stop.  Sleep was non-existent after that since I couldn’t get comfortable. I prayed to God for help and I might’ve gotten an hour more of sleep at the most out of exhaustion. I can oftentimes learn from ‘painful’ experiences. That afternoon we had a dinner party to go and was to bring a pasta salad and a tossed salad. After last nights ‘trauma’, I opted out and decided to bring the Sweet and Sour Rainbow Coleslaw(on Recipes Section) instead. Lo and behold, Saturday night I slept pain free and never woke up once. I felt like the windows and doors to Heaven opened up on me, and God’s message was “Do you have it now?” I had to say “yes I got it, thank-you!” I now cannot deny His mercy and continue to eat these foods, for I would take His gift (wisdom) and throw it back to Him. I did ask for Him more non-grain recipes as He continues to help me with my food addictions. I AM powerless! I had allergy testing about a month ago and they told me I did not have any allergies to wheat, oats, corn etc., but I have some reactions to these grains and obviously wheat being the worst. At this same time my studies and research has led me to the GMO’s. (Read ‘Why Are There So Many Wheat Allergies’article on this webpage) According to health experts all wheat now is GMO’ed and Roundup ready in this country and many parts of the world, and non-organic oats and corn are also GMO’s. The unfortunate part is that our atmosphere is so saturated with these chemicals that it there isn’t any guarantees that our organic grains will be free of these substances or not. These chemicals are in all of our foods. I figured out because of the grain farming practices I may not be allergic to wheat, but to the chemicals on the Roundup ready and GMO’ed wheat. My body is sensitive to toxins and I can truthfully vouch that these breads and grains are tainted and destructive. Any foods that we eat should be buy organic only, it’s safer! I am studying the GMO issues at this time and will continue to give you more updates as I get them. Keep checking back on this webpage for that information. We are in all of this together.


Why Are There So Many Wheat Allergies?

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Dear Readers,

Wheat Field, Bennet, CO

This picture of this wheat field was taken July 2017 in Bennet, CO by my friend Jackie. What is peculiar about this picture is that the wheat field by the road for about six feet back is still green. Yet further examining of the rest of the wheat field looks like it’s ready for harvest. Hmm?

Well the answer to the puzzle, seven days before this picture was taken the wheat fields had been sprayed with Roundup. The reason for this is because the harvesters were coming to the area and the green wheat would have gummed up the equipment. The green wheat in the picture did not get sprayed because it was too close to the road and hazardous to traffic.

So why, you ask, is this important? Roundup is an extremely dangerous vegetation killer. The manufacture of this chemical, Monsanto states that as long as the chemical is used properly there isn’t any cause for concern. Well, we all beg to differ.

People will use it in their yards and the dangerous poisons will continue their effects for months. My dear friend used it on weeds, following the manufacture’s directions and she developed serious cancerous lesions on both her legs. Another friend used it in her garden and also developed skin cancer as well as breast cancer because of the effects of the Roundup. The list goes on!

What does this have to do with the wheat fields? Roundup contains the herbicide Glyphosate, which according to the World Health Organization has stated that this chemical is a probable human carcinogen.

As far as I am concerned all weed killers are toxic, but Roundup falls into the range of a runner up to Agent Orange used in the jungles of Vietnam in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, during the war. (Both of these toxic poisons were invented by the same company: Monsanto.) In Vietnam today there are so many people with deformities due to that chemical, as well as military survivors with multiple health challenges including death.

There are a handful of firms that control the markets in proprietary seeds. These are Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds that will not duplicate themselves and hear this, they are resistant to the effects of pre-harvesting sprays of Roundup.

The pre-harvest use of Glyphosate (Roundup) increases the residues of this chemical in the food. To address this increase in residues, the regulators have consistently raised the legal limits of Glyphosate on food crops in spite of the outrage of public opposition. The Detox Project estimates that 28% of the US wheat was treated with Glyphosate in 2015 and much of this is due to pre-harvesting. Germany and Austria are two countries that have banned this practice.

One can read all of the conflicting data and research being done on this subject and it is extensive as well as intense. But the main problem is that this chemical Glyphosate thus Roundup has now begun to be in the foods we consume. Not only is this  wheat which is GMO, but in the oats, corn, soy and other grains. It is also so rampant in our environment that it is contaminating even the foods that aren’t directly sprayed with it, such as honey, (the bees and even butterflies are dying because of this toxin), meat, drinking water, etc. The list continues.

I have enclosed a small chart of some favorite foods and snacks below. This was compiled together by FoodBabe as well as the Detox Project ( . I will enclose their web sites also. They are concerned individuals and organizations that are trying to help and educate the American public. At this time these organizations are trying to have effective food labeling done for the public to know which foods will be ‘clean foods’.

From a trustworthy source,

Contaminated Foods

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