Do Solar Panels and Smart Meters Emit EMF Radiation?

Do Solar Panels and Smart Meters Emit EMF Radiation?

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Many people are now having solar panels installed on their homes and buisnesses.
The concern is now; do these panels create EMF radiation and harm our
health? Yes, solar panels do emit very small amounts of EMF radiation, but the
panels themselves are not the risk. The panels are nowhere near your body, and
even if they were to emit more EMF radiation, their distance will most likely
protect you entirely. The real issue is that the solar panel system or photovoltaic
system creates”dirty electricity” that ultimately radiates EMF radiation into the
home. The other concern comes from “smart meters” installed to monitor how
much solar energy is produced by the home.

Smart meters are simply the utility meters that track usage and transmit data wirelessly. The BIG problem with these meters; they emit large volumes  of RF (Radio Frequency) Radiation, thus exposing people that are near it. Many of these meters are on the outside wall opposite a bedroom and pose a real risk. Smart meters are extremely dangerous and the WHO…World Health Organization has classified them as a possible carcinogen.

What is “dirty electricity” you may ask? It is useable electricity that gets trapped
in your electrical wiring; that is what creates the EMF’s into the home. It is
erratic spikes and surges of elecrical energy traveling along power lines and
building wiring where only AC electricity should be.

Dirty electricity can interfere with the proper functioning of appliances and
electrical equipment and more important with the natural electrical processes
within the human body; which left unchecked can cause a wide variety of health
problems. To reduce the EMF radiation in the home; it is wise to purchase
“dirty electricity filters” which grounds/reduces and shorts out the exposure
of these spikes/surges. I personally purchased mine from,
a very reliable company and product. I also have invested in a Smart meter shield
to protect from the excess amounts of radiation emitted every few seconds.
From Smart Meter Covers.
Check out link for EMF information:

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