Sometimes Doing Nothing Often Leads To The Very Best Something!!

Sometimes Doing Nothing Often Leads To The Very Best Something!!

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Sometimes we learn our lessons by peeling back the layers of our life. Sometimes we keep repeating the same lessons like the ‘Ground Hog Day’ which the character kept experiencing the same day over and over. Sometimes we don’t want to look because it hurts too much or we just don’t want to deal with the emotions, it’s easier to just think than to feel. People fear the unknown, because we don’t know what we will find when we do look at it. As human beings we will deal with stress in our lives; with our outward busy lives and living with unconscious trigger patterns, our body’s stress levels get stuck and don’t shut down.

When we become adults we tend to lose our sense of self, our connection of who we really are. Instead we are taught the worldly work ethic; how to be efficient and productive, but this does not include fulfillment. We are  constantly comparing ourselves with others to be driven to succeed in everything we do; yet never finding satisfaction. Even when we continually check our phone messages and social media, our brain sees our phone as work, our brain is overstimulated, it also needs a time out.

Overworking ourselves eliminates leisure, playtime and most needed relaxation. We feel like we are drowning and will never get caught up. We become members of the cult of efficiency. What is that you may ask? It is a group of people who’s members all believe fervently in the virtue  of constant activity, finding the most efficient way to accomplish about anything and everything. They think that they are saving time and making the world a better place. They are wrong! Efficiency is a myth. Those who follow this lie, are all losing ground and actually becoming less productive. The more speed, the more errors there are and actually the slower we become. We are stressed and exhausted.  Our families and relationships suffer because we have nothing to give to them when we are spent. Our brain and bodies need light-heartedness to heal from the demands life has placed on it. We have to see the reality of all this. It isn’t the idea that everything should be slower, but that everything needs not to be so fast. We have to consciously choose a slower path or your body will be stuck in the stress mode and unable to heal itself.

Awareness is the first way to interrupt unconscious trigger patterns, living with our eyes wide open. We go to our mind to escape our emotions, instead we need to consciously become aware of what is happening in our system for us to be ready to change our mindset. It is going take action and will be a process but the price you pay will be far worth it. In the long run your brain, body and the people in your life will love the new you. Instaed of excessive working, let’s learn to give in to playing, smiling, laughing, bonding, relaxing, and reconnecting with ourselves and our loved ones. It is good to find our lost self and bring ourself home again. We can gain some wisdom from Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, “Sometimes doing nothing often leads to the very best something.” Learn to love ourself and life thus embracing all the blessings in it!


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I have a passion for helping people to get healthy. I will continue to share my journey with others the ups and downs. I am human, I do and have made mistakes along the way and try to learn from them. We all must be willing to learn from our own mistakes as well as the errors of others. It's the best way to get through life's experiences.

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