Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

1. Daily Cardio Burst:
High intensity exercises, walking in place, work up to walking fast. riding an exercise bike in bursts, (slow-to-fast-to-slow…
continuously) are some examples.
*If you have asthma, COPD, any lung condition, exercise can improve your health and reduce your symptoms.

2. Belly Grab:
Lay on bed, (or floor) place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. Begin breathing, concentrating on moving the hand on your stomach while keeping the hand on your chest still. On each exhale, concentrate on squeezing your abs to force out the air. Perform this exercise for 1 minute at least 2 times a day. As you get more comfortable try performing this in a seated position. Ideally you should breath this way 24/7_the
more you practice the easier and more automatic it will become.

3. Car or Shower Sing:
Don’t be bashful, no one can hear you_singing is wonderful exercise for the diaphragm_the louder the better, after all reaching new decibels and belting out long verses requires BIG inhales. (any song will do)

4. Deep Breathing Exercises:
These are for relaxing as well as strengthening the immune system by circulating our lymph.
Breathing in very slowly filling your lungs, while deeply pushing your belly out. Hold for the count of 4, then slowly release on the count of 2. Do 10 deep breaths 3 times each day. The more stressed you are, add a few extra for stress release.

These are for the beginner, to work their way up. The object is to get a good breathing ability all day long. Most of us don’t breathe deep into our abdomen, here’s how to start!