How Are Choices Can Really Affect Us

How Are Choices Can Really Affect Us

Our choices affect us: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and relationally…through our thoughts, actions, words and with others around us. In other words, these choices of ours affect every avenue of our lives. Some people do not want to take any responsibility for their behavior and actions, thus discounting anything they say and do, and putting the blame onto others. This alters the depth of their accountability and level of maturity.

No one can blame anyone for the consequences that overcome us or our regrets for our immature and irrational behavior.  If people knew what they would become in their future, do you think that one would make better choices in life? You can’t say “whoops”, wishing it would go away, just because they are suffering from their consequences. God forgave David  from his sin with Bathsheba, but God didn’t take away the conseguecnes of that sin.

Our choices are born from the deepness within us, our ability to respond to our soul. We learn to live in ways that do no harm to ourself or others. Many people are easily influenced by the decisions of others and respond that way, not of their own accord but they want to blame the person who influenced them when everything goes awry. We can’t blame our past and say “I never learned” Grow up, it’s time now! Let truth wash over you.

A good example comes to mind. In the Bible, Jesus stands with His tortured body in front of the crowds of sneering, screaming people who are yelling, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him”.  This crowd was influenced in their decision, but in eternity they are all held responsible for their choices, words and actions. They all did wrong, even though it was to fulfill prophecy.

People today do the same; the way they feed their bodies, souls, and minds; all affecting their choices, but are still held responsible, in this life as well as in the eternal life afterward.

Choose Wisely,