Why Are There So Many Wheat Allergies?

Why Are There So Many Wheat Allergies?

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Wheat Field, Bennet, CO

This picture of this wheat field was taken July 2017 in Bennet, CO by my friend Jackie. What is peculiar about this picture is that the wheat field by the road for about six feet back is still green. Yet further examining of the rest of the wheat field looks like it’s ready for harvest. Hmm?

Well the answer to the puzzle, seven days before this picture was taken the wheat fields had been sprayed with Roundup. The reason for this is because the harvesters were coming to the area and the green wheat would have gummed up the equipment. The green wheat in the picture did not get sprayed because it was too close to the road and hazardous to traffic.

So why, you ask, is this important? Roundup is an extremely dangerous vegetation killer. The manufacture of this chemical, Monsanto states that as long as the chemical is used properly there isn’t any cause for concern. Well, we all beg to differ.

People will use it in their yards and the dangerous poisons will continue their effects for months. My dear friend used it on weeds, following the manufacture’s directions and she developed serious cancerous lesions on both her legs. Another friend used it in her garden and also developed skin cancer as well as breast cancer because of the effects of the Roundup. The list goes on!

What does this have to do with the wheat fields? Roundup contains the herbicide Glyphosate, which according to the World Health Organization has stated that this chemical is a probable human carcinogen.

As far as I am concerned all weed killers are toxic, but Roundup falls into the range of a runner up to Agent Orange used in the jungles of Vietnam in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, during the war. (Both of these toxic poisons were invented by the same company: Monsanto.) In Vietnam today there are so many people with deformities due to that chemical, as well as military survivors with multiple health challenges including death.

There are a handful of firms that control the markets in proprietary seeds. These are Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds that will not duplicate themselves and hear this, they are resistant to the effects of pre-harvesting sprays of Roundup.

The pre-harvest use of Glyphosate (Roundup) increases the residues of this chemical in the food. To address this increase in residues, the regulators have consistently raised the legal limits of Glyphosate on food crops in spite of the outrage of public opposition. The Detox Project estimates that 28% of the US wheat was treated with Glyphosate in 2015 and much of this is due to pre-harvesting. Germany and Austria are two countries that have banned this practice.

One can read all of the conflicting data and research being done on this subject and it is extensive as well as intense. But the main problem is that this chemical Glyphosate thus Roundup has now begun to be in the foods we consume. Not only is this  wheat which is GMO, but in the oats, corn, soy and other grains. It is also so rampant in our environment that it is contaminating even the foods that aren’t directly sprayed with it, such as honey, (the bees and even butterflies are dying because of this toxin), meat, drinking water, etc. The list continues.

I have enclosed a small chart of some favorite foods and snacks below. This was compiled together by FoodBabe as well as the Detox Project (https://foodbabe.com/monsanto/) . I will enclose their web sites also. They are concerned individuals and organizations that are trying to help and educate the American public. At this time these organizations are trying to have effective food labeling done for the public to know which foods will be ‘clean foods’.

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Contaminated Foods


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