Relationships Are Sacred

Relationships Are Sacred

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Relationships are learned and nurtured at the beginning of life…from the womb to the cradle. As we grow, we begin to make our own decisions about how to form relationships based from our life’s patterns and learned behaviors. We all have unloaded issues that were filtered through our childish thinking and emotions. We all carry this baggage from generations past into our present ones. This “baggage” interferes with the emotional communication and deep connection of some of our relationships.

Relationships are a dance, do we “catch” the rhythm or not? We cannot choose some of our relationships, but those we can; choose wisely. Since we all live in a broken world, we are taking our brokenness into our relationships. We need to become brave enough to share that brokenness and heal the emotional distance that sometimes develops.

The greatest gift you can ever give is your honest self. not to hurt others, but to help heal with our love. You bring all you ever were and are to any relationship you have today. Oftentimes we expect others to heal our brokenness and make us happy. How can they? When one doesn’t work, we move on to the next…we keep looking in the wrong places. We need to take responsibility for our own part in all relationships. We must give up blaming others for our unhappiness and look within and to our God to heal our heart and soul. What are the obstacles that interfere with the closeness? Our “stinking “thinking and faulty emotions may facilitate our problems.

We all have personal differences, that is what makes us human. Stop comparing! We then need to learn from these differences to enhance the connection. Let us develop the attitude of curiosity instead of judging others for their faults, and deal with the “walls” that have to be broken down, in order to connect to develop trust, truth, and emotional change that enhances growth.

It’s time to face the reality of who we are, bottom line “GUT LEVEL HONESTY”; first with our God, ourself, and then with others with LOVE. Listen with our heart, step into the other person’s shoes, that is caring, And think before speaking, especially if you are angry. What is your part in the emotion impact as you attempt to tear someone else down? It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we deal with it…Rise above it.

The relationships we have are our gifts from God and all of them make us who we are. Think about that. We can learn something about ourselves from all of them.

With love from a caring heart,

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I have a passion for helping people to get healthy. I will continue to share my journey with others the ups and downs. I am human, I do and have made mistakes along the way and try to learn from them. We all must be willing to learn from our own mistakes as well as the errors of others. It's the best way to get through life's experiences.

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