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My dear readers,

I have been telling you all as I have go through my health journey that I keep experimenting (with me) throughout the healing process. My book: From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned To Death explains some of these things along my journey. I have to look at the whole process as a lot of Lessons For Life, to help me along the way as well as helping all of my readers, who are also searching for answers. I have had pitfalls and valleys as well as mountain high experiments. I started this year’s journey trying to find out why even though I had been on a whole food plant-based diet that I was still having pain issues. (Read the article on Excessive Protein Problems on this webpage.) Well, I came to another fork in the road.

I would like to share with you my weekend health experience. I still struggle with my food addictions, and when I give into them they always get me in trouble. Well, Friday night we went out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant and ate the small Bruschetta appetizer and one other piece of bread along with my dinner. That night I woke up three hours after going to sleep, all of my joints were throbbing with pain that wouldn’t stop.  Sleep was non-existent after that since I couldn’t get comfortable. I prayed to God for help and I might’ve gotten an hour more of sleep at the most out of exhaustion. I can oftentimes learn from ‘painful’ experiences. That afternoon we had a dinner party to go and was to bring a pasta salad and a tossed salad. After last nights ‘trauma’, I opted out and decided to bring the Sweet and Sour Rainbow Coleslaw(on Recipes Section) instead. Lo and behold, Saturday night I slept pain free and never woke up once. I felt like the windows and doors to Heaven opened up on me, and God’s message was “Do you have it now?” I had to say “yes I got it, thank-you!” I now cannot deny His mercy and continue to eat these foods, for I would take His gift (wisdom) and throw it back to Him. I did ask for Him more non-grain recipes as He continues to help me with my food addictions. I AM powerless! I had allergy testing about a month ago and they told me I did not have any allergies to wheat, oats, corn etc., but I have some reactions to these grains and obviously wheat being the worst. At this same time my studies and research has led me to the GMO’s. (Read ‘Why Are There So Many Wheat Allergies’article on this webpage) According to health experts all wheat now is GMO’ed and Roundup ready in this country and many parts of the world, and non-organic oats and corn are also GMO’s. The unfortunate part is that our atmosphere is so saturated with these chemicals that it there isn’t any guarantees that our organic grains will be free of these substances or not. These chemicals are in all of our foods. I figured out because of the grain farming practices I may not be allergic to wheat, but to the chemicals on the Roundup ready and GMO’ed wheat. My body is sensitive to toxins and I can truthfully vouch that these breads and grains are tainted and destructive. Any foods that we eat should be buy organic only, it’s safer! I am studying the GMO issues at this time and will continue to give you more updates as I get them. Keep checking back on this webpage for that information. We are in all of this together.


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I have a passion for helping people to get healthy. I will continue to share my journey with others the ups and downs. I am human, I do and have made mistakes along the way and try to learn from them. We all must be willing to learn from our own mistakes as well as the errors of others. It's the best way to get through life's experiences.

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