Excessive Protein Problems

Excessive Protein Problems

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Proteins are needed for growth for children, as well as tissue repair and replacement of worn out cells. When we adopt a diet and lifestyle that introduces a minimum of toxins, our need for protein will be minimal because there will be less tissue waste. Many people consume too much protein thinking that if protein is good , more is better. The basic requirements for the body’s needs are 25-30 grams for a daily range. Many people far exceed that.

Protein requires more energy to digest than any other foods. It is a negative energy food but is looked to as an energy producer. It needs energy to digest it as well as to neutralize the acidic ash it leaves in the body. So it uses more energy than it generates. The body can synthesize protein from its own wastes which then enter into the lymph fluid. These are broken down into amino acids and the body will use these from the available pool of amino acids within the body when they are needed. This is why the body’s needs for proteins are lower than we may think. Protein poisoning from eating too much concentrated protein foods is far more common than protein deficiency. If one eats too much protein than the body needs for nutritional purposes, the body doesn’t store it like fat, its waste products must be excreted in the urine. The kidneys need to buffer the acidic protein waste products before they can be excreted in the urine, and that buffering process uses calcium to maintain the alkaline Ph. If the blood doesn’t contain enough for this process, it will be pulled off the bones and teeth. Then there becomes a negative calcium balance. Even excessive concentrated protein from plant sources (nuts, seeds, beans, and grains) can still be considered excess protein consumption, because it is too much for the body to handle. This process creates an aging process because some of the leeched calcium from the bones and teeth may start to be transferred into the soft tissues as well.

Some examples are:

Arteries (arteriosclerosis)
Optical lens (cataracts)
Ureters (kidney stones)
Skin (wrinkles)
Joints (osteoarthritis)
Tendons and Ligaments (frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis)
Osteoporosis and loosening, weakening or decay of the teeth
Other symptoms and signs of excessive protein may include:

General aching
Bad headache
Burning of the mouth, lips, or throat
Skin symptoms, tiny bumps, rashes
Nasal symptoms, running nose
Other signs of intolerance of certain foods which is known as allergies
Kidney failure
Tumors/cancerous growths
Biochemical imbalances in the tissue
I have a dear friend who had bilateral hip surgery and one year later, her hips were worse than before. She was using a cane to get around. She was a big milk drinker and “would never give up her milk”. Well the pain kept getting unbearable and I suggested again to just experiment for one month to eliminate her milk and see what would happen, if it would help or not. Desperate as she was, she did give up her milk and her pain was gone in a couple of days…She has never gone back to drinking milk!

Now I can only tell you my own story…my journey. I gave up eating animal proteins including dairy and eggs several years ago and thought I was skating through life on a vegan diet. What I failed to realize that my pain issues started when I was eating an excessive amount of nuts, seeds and grains. As a food addict they tasted good , had the perfect crunch factor (the nuts) and were good for my body, Well the toxic effect from this had been over whelming on my body.

My dentist had mentioned that I was having “small surface fillings” along the gum line of some teeth. I was concerned but cut back on the large amount of dried fruit that I was eating, figuring that was the problem. A couple of years later two more were noticed. Still did not think it was the protein. A few years back I had ankle surgery done that left a neuroma in the toe of my left foot which was now becoming worse. In the last couple of years my plantar fasciitis was trying to return. My eye doctor informed me that my eyes were having the beginnings of cataracts. No concern He said. Well to me it’s a big concern. The only arthritis I ever had in my body was from an old injury in the left thumb. It would inflame if I ate the “wrong foods”. Then last year my right hip started to become very sore. Stress, that is what it was, at least that was my thinking. I had been dealing with feet and ankle issues for a few years and that was creating all of these problems including the wrinkles around my mouth, which I called “pain lines”. I had x rays taken of my hip and it was diagnosed as bilateral arthritis. How can this be? I don’t do any animal protein only the plant source, so I am not supposed to have this condition. I was falling apart. I was forced to retire in the late 2017 and my hip was getting worse and my knees at night would be unbearable. I globbed on the Arnica Gel and tried to go back to sleep. I started a different exercise regime and it helped somewhat. I don’t do drugs of any kind and still kept thinking this was related to stress. I got to the point that my hip hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk. I prayed continually to God to give me an answer and I was pointed into the direction of the all of my school books to go over protein, pain, and arthritis. Well, it was all of the excessive plant protein and not only that, it was now time for me to deal again with my food addictions. God would help me. So, I will experiment on me again. I stopped eating all of the seeds, nuts, and even the beans. Within a day the pain was gone from my hip, knees and feet. I have and will try a ‘small’ amount of beans as a hummus with raw veggies and my body is ok with that. I do want to try the nuts, but I don’t want to pig out so I haven’t touched them. (They can’t even call me, I’m not listening!) I am amazed that all of this I did to myself with my excessive eating of proteins. This is a reliable true fact. I do want to share this with others who may be experiencing similar pain issues to try a new approach. I will keep experimenting and doing my raw vegetable juices daily to bring healing back to my body.

To check out more on FOOD ADDICTIONS read page 100, Chapter 11 “Life’s Lessons” in my book: From Birth Until Sunset…Poisoned to Death.

Extra reading resources:

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, John R Lee with Virginia Hopkins, Warner Books, 1996
Living Without Pain, Harvey Diamond, VP Nutrition, 2007
The China Study, T Colin Campbell, Benbella Publisher, 2006

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